Tax Services

We share your viewpoint on tax: pay as little as you can. But most business decisions have tax implications, and tax legislation is complex and always changing—you need good advice. H&S Taraz’ approach is integrated, forward-looking and tailored to you. It’s about developing a close relationship with our clients.

To do this, we inform you about the latest tax rules, review the implications for your business and personal tax situations, and update you on important developments. We listen to you, and we continue to add new services to meet your needs.

Our tax services provide effective advice on personal tax, owner-manager tax, small business, and corporate tax.

Our objective is to structure your business to minimize taxes paid now and in the future. We keep this objective front and foremost when we prepare your corporation’s tax returns and other tax filings. We also use accepted tax planning strategies to ensure your tax and other business objectives are met. These strategies include

  • Tax compliance for estates and family trusts
  • Business transition and
  • Estate planning services

Charitable gift planning Tax return preparation is not routine when you can benefit from insights from H&S Taraz’ tax planning combined with preparation. We take an integrated approach to managing your taxes, from personal to family to business.

The risks from tax compliance errors or ineffective tax management are too high to ignore. We can help lessen this burden by providing you with access to timely reliable information and the technical skills and experience our team offers. We provide following tailor solutions:

  • Personal Tax Return Preparation & E-filing
  • Corporate Tax Return Preparation & E-filing
  • Monthly WSIB & HST filing
  • CRA Audit Assistance
  • CRA representation and
  • Handle CRA communications

Planning your business and personal taxes together will minimize your overall tax burden. We can help you get the most out of tax savings opportunities by developing integrated tax strategies that take you, your business and your family into account. We can show you the most effective way to

  • Design a tax efficient organization structure,
  • Raise capital,
  • Design remuneration strategies,
  • Establish shareholders’ agreements, and
  • Sell your business or plan an exit strategy.

Minimizing your tax burden involves more than preparing and filing personal income tax returns—it involves an integrated planning approach, particularly for business owner-managers and other corporate shareholders. Our integrated personal tax-planning services provide you with advice on

  • Tax planning for owner-manager remuneration,
  • Family tax minimization,
  • Income-splitting opportunities, and
  • Capital asset disposition and protection
  • Retirement planning